Adjustable Magic Wrench

This tool will be your GO-TO for any DIY project!

When things go wrong in the house it can be a real hassle to repair or call to get someone in to repair. Getting someone in to repair issues in the house can cost you hundreds of dollars. 

This simple to use tool allows you to easily tackle any projects on your own which will save you money on your home repairs! 

Its extremely easy to use and not only does it have a wide range in application, it allows you to fix problems very quickly! 


  • Adjustable(9 - 45mm) - This self-adjustable magic wrench can be used for tightening or loosening a numerous range of objects from 9~45mm due to its double jaws on both ends of the tool.
  • Premium Quality - Magic wrench is a heavy duty high quality tool, the deep groove jaws are made of anti-abrasion hardened steel with sharp and rough teeth. The red part of wrench consists of rubber material, so it prevents wrench falling down wrench.
  • Wild Application - Magic wrench is completely versatile and can be used for industrial, DIY and professional work, such as automotive bike car bicycle & motorcycle maintenance & for general kitchen & bathroom sinks drains shower-heads & boilers mechanic repair jobs & for household assembly tasks.
  • More Efficient And Convenient - One magic wrench replaces mutiple tools, it can replace pipe & ratchet wrench kit box, adjustable & crescent wrench set, gear-wrench, pop socket & reversible service wrenches etc. No need to keep lots of different size of wrenches in your toolbox. Saving your time and very convenient.

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