Sealabag Kitchen Bag Sealer



This will allow you to instantly seal any bag in just one slide!  

Bags easily forget to get sealed all the time or they don't get sealed properly. When this happens your food goes bad much quicker which can be extremely unhealthy to eat and wastes your money!  

This simple tool can be installed anywhere in the kitchen and you can seal any bag within seconds with just one slide! The Sealabag will save you time and your food! 

It will come ready to start sealing, then you simply set it up on your counter or mount it on the side of any wall and enjoy an effortless way to seal any bag in just seconds!


  • Seal Any Sizes Of Bags:it can seal anything from freezer bags to bin bags
  • Easy To Use: Tightly twist the neck of any bag and then push the neck of the bag down through the slot on the Sealabag, the bag is now sealed
  • Perfect For: storing long-term food and delicate foods that crush easily like lettuce, potato chips, or bread.
  • Place It Anywhere: Can be kept handy inside a drawer, mounted on a door, or place on the counter
  • Package Size: 8.1*6*1.5 inches. Package included: 1 x Sealing machine. 1 x Adhesive tape

Set comes complete with a roll of sealer tape.