Film-Making Smartphone Recording System

  • Great for Film Makers -  It is a must have for you, if you love recording high quality videos,It makes shooting videos much easier since you have a much better grip with two handles.
  • Get lighting and microphone attachments -The package will include a boya mic, smartphone holder, LED light, and a wide angle lens. A fantastic tool for those who need  to take higher quality photos or videos close to professional level.
  • Perfect way to make fun videos - Forget shaky videos that fail to depict a great memory clearly. The Film-Making Smartphone Record System has handles on both sides to offer you a better grip.The special design will enable you to take steady shots and capture unique life’s experiences.
  • Mounts to any tripod, slider or dolly -  Not only can it mount to these camera accessories, it has a very durable and high quality design that is built to last. 
  • Universal and Save Money - Instead of having to buy a camera which can cost you thousands of dollars, you can get this setup that works universally with any smartphone for an affordable price!