Handmade Sand Free Beach Mat

  •  No More Mess: Say goodbye to all that annoying sand which sticks to your regular beach blanket! Brush off all the sand with no effort! It’s time to enjoy a Sand Free relaxing day on your Beach Mat!
  • Multi Purpose: It can be used as blanket, mat, sun or rain shelter. Great for beaches, picnics, parks, family trips, sports events, open-air festivals, camping, hiking, fishing, other occasions and outdoor activities.
  • Huge Surface Area, with a Compact Design – At 9’ x 10’ your whole family or friends can take advantage and chill on this amazingly soft and HUGE blanket! The best part: it collapses to 4” x 8” and only weighs 16oz. The integrated sack makes it so EASY to store and carry around!
  • Quick Dry Nylon Fabric: Made from strong, durable and breathable 100% Parachute nylon, the Sand Free Blanket will last for years of use. Water repellent, anti-heat material makes it perfect for any occasion whether it is camping, hiking, a picnic day, a music festival experience or simply travelling! 


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