Incredible Thigh Garters


An attractive, discreet way to prevent painful skin to skin rubbing and feel comfortable all day long! 

Your life just got a little better!

These Thigh Garters are truly a revolutionary idea! Say goodbye the pain of walking around all day with chafing legs. 

Only black and white :) were out of red!

These garters were designed with busy women in mind and are a sexy solution to a problem that affects women of all shapes and sizes. They are super easy to put on and our design features anti-slip silicone that stays in place, no matter how much you move! Now you can wear the shorts, dresses, and skirts you love with confidence and absolutely no painful inner thigh chafing!

The Thigh Garters were developed by fashion experts for busy women. 


  • Can be worn under dresses and skirts, used as a fashion accessory with shorts, and even in athletic or active situations.
  • Enjoy a grease-free, chemical-free solution to protect your skin from the inconvenience of chafing legs and chafing between thighs and return to having beautiful thighs and soft skin.
  • Comfortable, delicately crafted premium stretchy lace made of nylon and acrylic, stays in place using two rows of non-slip silicone, giving you peace of mind as you enjoy your active day.
  • Regain the freedom to move about without worry or pain with our Thigh Garters design which offers a lightweight and fashionable alternative to using bulky anti chafing shorts or anti chafing underwear while still solving the problem of chafing inner thighs, chafing between legs, and the painful redness and discomfort that often comes along with it.

Sizing Chart 

17"-19" (43cm-48cm) A            25"-27" (63cm-68cm) E

19"-21" (48cm-53cm) B            27"-29" (68cm-73cm) F

21"-23" (53cm-58cm) C            29"-31" (73cm-78cm) G

23"-25" (58cm-63cm) D                                                           

How To Measure

  • In a standing position, measure around your bare thigh
  • Be sure to measure the fullest part of your thigh
  • If your measurement falls between sizes, we suggest choosing the smaller one

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