Rapid Slicer


 Slice twice as easily in half the time!

Prepping in the kitchen can take a while and can be a hassle at times. Also, with all the slicing you are at risk of cutting your finger.

This can be quite dangerous and put you at risk of a really bad accident happening in the kitchen. 

Thats where our Rapid Slicer comes into play. Not only does it completely eliminate the risk of slicing your finger, it takes a fraction amount of time and effort to slice all of your food!

In addition to that, it is extremely easy to use! Simply put all of your food on the base. Then, place the top on and enjoy a super safe and fast way of slicing all of your food! 

  • ✔ SAVE TIME IN THE KITCHEN: Slice olives, cherry tomatoes, grapes, small onions, and other small fruits and vegetables with a single pass, while the Rapid Slicer holds them in place. Excellent for cutting fruit for kids/baby food, and making salads!
  • ✔ ​VERSATILE: It's not just good for produce! Perfect for slicing CHICKEN breasts into thin, even cutlets and SHRIMP into bite size pieces for tacos or pasta dishes
  • ✔ ​EASY: Easily adjusts to the size of items being sliced allowing larger tomatoes, grapes and other small produce. Unlike most slicers which are just for ONE type of food like tomatoes, this device is meant for a variety of foods!
  • ✔ ​SAFE: Non-slip feet keep it stationary while you cut. Top lid and handle grips the food items in place while keeping hands safely away from the cutting knife. Great aid for those with arthritis, and anyone who needs a little extra control.